Sic Bellum Incipit

10 June 2003
Hokuto Empire
Number of discs: 1

Toni Lanza – Vocals
Luca Zanardi – Guitars
Antonello D’Aguanno – Bass
Christian Togni – Drum


Written by Luca Zanardi
Produced by Zaburon
Recorded and mixed by Andrea Trapasso at Mirage recording studio – Inverigo (CO) – Italy
Mastering at New Sin Studio – Loria (TV) – Italy

Lyrics – Toni Lanza
Music – Luca Zanardi

Label (Hokuto Empire)
Distribution (Sony Music Italy)


“Sic Bellum Incipit” embodies an uncompromising work that captures the unique intensity and energy of death metal music. With powerful lyrics and dark atmospheres, the album offers a distinctive vision of the genre, capturing the very essence of Zaburon’s soul. Each track is an emotional journey, an immersive experience that will captivate metal enthusiasts worldwide.

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